Replacement Allwin Backflashes and Motoring Posters

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Decades of play and harsh conditions can cause Allwin Backflashes to buckle, warp, shrink and crack.

I have replacements available for a growing selection of Oliver Whales machines, and if your machine isn’t listed I would be happy to discuss your requirements and the possibility of adding the artwork to my range.

I have tried to make the colours of the new backflashes as bright as the originals and sample the colours from parts that may have been covered by the cabinet. I carefully scan the originals where possible and make the new backflash as near to original as possible.

I produce the backflashes in 2 forms. For machines that dont get played commercially the printing is done in lightfast inks on 230GSM paper and then laminated with a satin finish front and back. These are supplied oversize so you can easily cut ball holes etc to suit each machine. The second type, for machines that may be operated commercially, the printing is done on a plastic film which is then laminated onto 1.2mm styrene. The holes will then need cutting and drilling with something like a Dremmel to avoid splits in the styrene.

Both types of backflash will come with a lightweight paper printed template to practice positioning of holes etc.

All Topflashes will be in Styrene and semi translucent so they can be illuminated if required.

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Allwin Backflashes

Also from my own collection of motoring ephemera I produce a range of car and motorcycle posters. Click on the links below to see the full range of images available

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